Depending on utilities

We are offering differents lots:

3 utilities 30 amperes
2 utiities , 15-20 amperes
No utilities for tents,


We are offering 4 differents areas and they all have there particularity.

Applicable conditions

Rental of a campsite`

* 1 equipment per location.
* 2 adults and 3 minor children per group camper (ground). Any additional person will be charged according to the rates in force.
* Arrival must be between 13h00 and 21h00 unless special agreement. The departure is before 13:00.
* Possibility to add half a day according to the availabilities.
* Do not move the round of fire on the ground. Do not take the table on another ground.
* The deposit when booking is non-refundable. (see cancellation policy)
* A minimum of nights may be required depending on dates.
* Visitors are not allowed with dogs.
* The non-dog grounds are 501 to 513 and 515, 517, 519 and 521.
* Regulations and curfew to respect under pain of expulsion.
* Prohibited swimming without lifeguard.
* Balloon loan, iron, pear ball, mini golf stick in the office.
* Our convenience store will accommodate you with a bit of everything. And what about our delicious restaurant with a varied diet including very good pizza made on site (gluten-free and no dairy product available, risk of contact with other foods)
* Come treat yourself and refresh yourself at our dairy bar.

* Looking forward to welcoming you to your home during your holidays.